Fair Look for Women

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  • No side effect
  • Works from deep
  • Whitens your skin
  • Smoothness your skin
  • Improves your skin's health
  • Moisturizes better and deeper
  • 200gm package tube
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Original Fair Look for Women & Girl .

Fair Look is an Ayurvedic formula that is made to give you fairer skin and also to minimize scars, blemishes, pigmentation, and acne, aiding to maintain a light complexion. With ingredients such as Haldi, Chandan, Aloe Gel, Lemon Peel, Gulab Phool, Honey and more, the lotion also improves and provides natural looking healthy skin. The cream can be used on any exposed part of the body by both men and women.

Fair-Look cream is a comprehensive decoction of all natural herbs to enhance your skin tone and produce a fairer glowing look. The cream can be applied to any exposed parts of the body primarily-legs, arms, neck and face. It is very beneficial to remove sun-tan, stubborn pimple marks to give a radiating glow on your skin.


Fairlook contains these effective and natural Ayurveda herbs that reduce MELANIN, main reason for dark skin. hence works from outside bring fair and glowing skin outside.


FAIR LOOK is for entire epidermal surface or say it entire skin including your hands,legs or any other part of body needs treatment.It gives back glowing,fair acne free healthy skin on loyal use as per on the pack.


Take juice from one sliced tomato and mix it with fair look.Then apply rose water clean the skin after which skin can absorb all ingredients of this composition effectively. After applying rose water to sun exposed area fair look can be used on same.

Fair Look New An Ayurvedic Formula for Acne Skin Treatment an Naturally healthy and glowing Skin Fair Look Fairness Lotion ingredients: Each gm Lotion Contains: 1.00% Haldi (Curcuma longa) 1.65% Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) 1.65% Chandan ( santalum album) 2.00% Aloe Gel ( Aloe Vera) 2.00% Lemon Peel ( Citrus Lemon ) 2.00% Yastimadhu ( Glycyrrhiza glabra) 2.00% Chirongi ( Buchanania latifolia) 2.00% Gulab Phool (Rosa centfolia) 2.00% Honey Mel Base Directions: 1. Clean your face with rose water. 2. Mix raw Tomato juice with Fair Look Lotion 3. Apply Fair Look fairness lotion over Face and neck wait for 15 minutes. 4. Rinse the application with cold water 5. For best Result apply twice a day. 6. It Helf to maintain a light complexion. 7. Minimizes scars,blemishes & pigmentation. 8. Improves the health of skin. Precaution: Test it on your hand before applying it on your face.

Note:Product not recommended for pregnant ladies and children below 12 Years. Product not recommended for people with allergic skin.

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